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Everything is in the Clouds with the Help of BoardRoom’s Cloud Software

Everything is in the Clouds with the Help of BoardRoom’s Cloud Software

As you may have noticed, in today’s world, businesses are becoming more reliant on technology. Most companies and organizations thrive by using cloud-based software because it has many benefits. For instance, it can help reduce costs because cloud service providers allow you to scale up or down depending on your needs. Furthermore, you get to experience a better collaboration through the various features they offer to make working remotely more accessible and practical. Now, there are tons of cloud-based software you can choose from. Some examples are cloud accounting software like Xero and a payroll system by Ignite. You can get these for your business with the help of BoardRoom. Let’s learn more here.

 Understanding the Leading Cloud-Based Payroll Management System

If you want your business to operate at maximum efficiency, you’ll need a payroll system like Ignite. Fortunately, BoardRoom can help you secure this leading and next-generation software for your company. Ignite can help simplify your payroll processes, making them more efficient than before. Furthermore, it offers five major solutions: Leave, Claims, Time & Attendance, Payroll, and Personnel. You can access all of these through a mobile app, which your employees can easily take a look at their payslips.

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Ignite also has different useful management system features that make the whole process easier. At the same time, they make sure it complies with the rules and regulations in Singapore. Some examples of these features are a comprehensive HRMS solution, complete statutory compliance with local legislation in nine Asian countries, instant access to payslips, tracking of attendance, an account manager as a point of contact, and more. Your business won’t have a problem with payroll with the help of Ignite.

How BoardRoom Can Help You with Xero

If you’re thinking about transitioning from traditional accounting to cloud accounting software, you will experience some challenges for your business. Whether your business is big, small, or medium – there will be tons of bumps along the way. Thankfully, BoardRoom offers an easy way to help your business during this transition with Xero. They offer Xero set-up and implementation services to ensure that you get everything right the first time. Furthermore, Xero is currently the most powerful accounting and bookkeeping software. Surely, your company will benefit from this migration.

Since migration is part of the job, the expert team of BoardRoom will sort out all your data migration. Moreover, they ensure that this will be done securely and safely from your existing accounting system into the Xero platform. Of course, they won’t hinder your business because they will do it in the background so you can continue with your business as planned.