How To Use Instagram Likes To Increase Engagement On Your Profile

Instagram is one of the social media platforms that have quickly become a favorite to almost everyone. However, the platform has its downsides, such as not having enough engagement on your profile unless you pay for likes. Instagram has now included features that allow you to gain new followers and improve your engagement by adding captions to photos and videos. You can find the best site to buy instagram likes.

Here are tips to improve your profile engagement using Instagram likes:

Tip #1 Use hashtags in the caption

Hashtags are used to link photos with relevant topics, events and keywords. This will help viewers find your posts easily, especially when you post unique content that might not naturally get a lot of views.

It is a good practice to use no more than 15 hashtags per post. This is a rule of thumb for posts that do not have a lot of followers, but for those with over 2,000 followers 10 hashtags should be enough.

Tip #2 Use different captions for photos and videos

People prefer to read something interesting when they look at photos or video. Whether the photo or video is original or inspirational, you need to give it an interesting caption so your audience will feel that they are looking at something worth their time.

A good caption gives you the opportunity to bring out the best in your picture or video and make your audience feel like they are more connected with you.

Tip #3 Use hashtags to interact with people

Hiding on Instagram is not a good idea because you are missing out on the chance to interact with others. Although it might be tempting to hide from time to time, keep in mind that you should use hashtags when interacting with your followers. This will help them find your posts, especially if they are looking for original content or if they want to view images and videos captured by other users in the same place.

Tip #4 Add a “like” button

Instagram has now added a “like” button which allows fans to easily show their appreciation by liking your post as well as by commenting and adding a new comment directly after someone likes your post.

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