"It can't be done!"
"I remember thinking this as I sat watching and listening to Bo Jenkins for the first time at the Ritz Hotel in Melbourne a number of years ago. Now I've been priveleged in my time, to mix with and see (and in the case of Tommy Emmanuel co-manage) some of the best guitarists in the world... but what was different in watching Bo was not just what he was playing but the way he was playing it... left-handed and with the strings in the reverse order (with the thickest string on the bottom)! As a result of his unusual approach to the guitar, Bo has developed some unique techniques and trademark licks, and these make his playing distinctive."
Ron Leigh



Bo Jenkins
   guitar & lead vocals
Peter "Reggie" Bowman
    bass guitar, keyboards,
    harmony vocals
Peter Clifford
John Corniola
All songs written by Bo Jenkins

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